Super League Gaming Discount

Now your family can play Minecraft in select movie theaters with Super League Gaming. Super League brings together gamers of all ages for a fun, social, face-to-face game play experience on the big screen with underwater themed maps and modes in a custom adventure called Summer Splash featuring Captain Sparklez.

Play Minecraft in a Movie Theatre


The first and biggest recreational league where gamers of all ages compete, socialize and play video games on the big screen in movie theaters worldwide.

Bring your laptop with Minecraft 1.9.2 installed and play first-person on your computer and then you wirelessly connect to Super League’s server which puts you and everyone else in the movie theater’s game play up on the big screen. Parents and siblings can attend for free to watch and cheer their gamer on.

Your gamers will play, collaborate and socialize on teams with 4-7 members their own age as they build, battle and use their creativity and imagination.  Super League even provides all the tech help and support making this a great family-friendly event.

Save $10 Treat Your Kids to MINECRAFT Summer Splash in a Movie Theater!

Exclusive underwater-themed MINECRAFT game play on the big screen! July 18 – 22, 9am – 12 noon.

Get tickets at Save $10, use Promo Code: USFAMILY10

Check out to find a theater near you.


Pharrell, Elmo, & Cookie Monster See Egypt & More: “B is For Book”

No matter if you have a child or not you will be singing along with Pharrell and helping your kids find their next adventure. It is catchy and it has kids picking up books.

“B is for book” is the new song for by Pharrell Williams. Sing along with him, Elmo and Cookie Monster. The adorable upbeat song has kids singing, reading books, using their imagination. A book can take you anywhere or make you anything.

The Grammy winning songwriter, artist and producer teach Elmo and Cookie Monster the importance of reading through music. They travel around the world seeing pyramids, Egypt, and thrones. Cookie Monster’s mind is BLOWN, all from reading books. I love it. You will be singing this song all day. I still love Sesame Street so much.

on-this-day (1)

Facebook Shared My Memory, On This Day: “When It Rain, It”

Facebook is great for reminding us of our memories. It pops up pictures we’ve shared or quotes we’ve highlighted throughout  our years while sharing our life publicly. If you are anything like me you are mindful of what you type in the status bar. Obviously if Facebook is keeping a a record to remind us of all those cute pictures we share, someone, somewhere has a record of that status we posted 2 years ago that we might care to forget. I enjoy looking back on my memories. For the most part I can remember exactly how I was feeling in the moment I posted my status. Today Facebook  reminded of a blog post I wrote 6 years ago to date on my old blog. I decided to share my thoughts from then here unedited.  Continue reading

summer reading

Summer Reading Program at Chicago Public Library, Get Free Books

When I found out about the summer reading program at our public library last week, I couldn’t wait to share the news with my daughter. We love to read in my family. I read to both my babies while I was pregnant. My daughter started reading when she was 4 years old and continues her love for books now. I am working to pass the love for books on to my son. I think reading to kids early helps them enjoy the idea of reading. I love the fact that she prefers to have a good old fashion book her hand instead of E-book.

summer readingEarlier this week I took the kiddos to our local library to sign up for Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge. The summer reading challenge is giving away 12 books to each child that is registered aged 0-13. It is open to all Chicago residents that are interested. Sign up began on Monday, June 20th  and will continue through September 1. However the free books are available while supplies last. Continue reading

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