Mrs. Janelle Robinson MPH, CHES

Janelle Robinson, is  a Wife, Mommy to Jasmine and Carter, Entrepreneur & lover of all things beautiful and natural. I believe you can have it all while putting”Family First”.

I grew up on the South-side of Chicago. We didn’t have much, but we never wanted for anything. My parent’t taught me the true meaning of a dollar and the value of love.

I started writing when I was 7 years old and my love for creating fiction transformed to a desire to write poetry and share my stories with others as a way to help them.

As a I child I dreamed  of becoming a pediatrician, but through bad college counselors and poor planning I changed my college major one too many times. I finally settled on what seemed liked a secure business field at the time.  I  graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with my Bachelor of Science in Marketing, but the desire to work in the health field always called to my heart. I went on to work in higher education after graduation in financial aid counseling and blogged for several years as a hobby.

During that time I returned to school to obtain a Masters degree in Public Health from Benedictine University, followed by a certification as a health education specialist. I decided to return to my love for writing by creating an online website.  Through blogging I found a niche for helping others. For me blogging has always been about discovery and relationship building.

I Love Being A Mom and Wife


Jasmine & Carter

After becoming a mom and breastfeeding my daughter I began to teach myself the benefits of natural products. I not only breastfed, I started creating my own skincare and hair products from different natural butters and oils. I started reading food labels and decided to make my own baby food. The time I spent learning led me to my desire to work in the field of public health. Daily we encounter something that has been impacted by public health, from the water we drink to the streets we cross, so my passions kept me pushing learn more. I am a life learner. I write about the experiences I have encountered in life and the knowledge I’ve gained in education.

Through this website I want to share with you some of  the many things  I’ve learned from being a mom and from being a professional. It isn’t always easy, trust me we may cry along the way and sometimes kick and scream, but it will be a fun adventure.  I’ve had many challenges, but helping people is what I do!


Hubby & Best Friend Travis

I love being a mom and wife. Product reviews and couponing keep me happy (I’ll show you how to make a dollar out of a dime). Over the past several years I’ve learned to budget my household finances and use coupons to get what we need and want. The goal of this website is to share my knowledge, inspire others to pursue their dreams, encourage moms to “take a break” from their busy lives”, practice “self care” and uplift.

I share my knowledge on lactation and natural health solutions for the entire family.  I’ve successfully breastfed two children and acted as a support system to many moms as they embarked on the journey of breastfeeding.  I share healthy living tips and I  will act as a motivational coach as I inspire other women to live their dream!

When I’m not working full-time, I’m cooking a homemade dinner with my hubby, playing with our kiddos or searching the web for some super savings.  I hope you’ll join me on my journey…