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Best Books for Toddlers | Building a Library for Early Readers

Finding the best books for your toddler can be a little tricky simply because at such a young age you are not sure what your toddler will like. Reading to your baby during pregnancy is one of the best bonding activities a mother can do with her child. As your children get older you understand the importance of

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Black History Children Books to Read Throughout the Year

Black history children books were one of the first things I started to incorporate in our daughter’s home library when she was very young. I always wanted her to understand her history and to be proud of her brown skin and roots. Her collection grew large because I would get her books about all the

black history

Black History Month | Stream 28 Movies & Series On Amazon/Netflix

Black History Month began February 1st. In our household black history is celebrated and discussed every day. We make it a point to talk about our history with our daughter quite often, because if we don’t who will. The schools are eliminating so much of the history of our culture and past, that we do not

Amazon Movie Rental for .99 cents Now Through 1/23

It is very cold here in Chicago and most parts of the Midwest. I am staying indoors this weekend and watching movies with the kids. You can rent an Amazon movie with the kids and enjoy some hot chocolate and blanket. Amazon Streaming Video has a promo going on that lets you Rent any movie

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack With Stroller Straps

This diaper bag is absolutely great and is by far one of the best diaper bags for busy moms. I have several diaper bags and this one is stylish, spacious, and beautifully designed for all my needs. I had the opportunity to review this diaper bag from #BagNation for my honest review, no other compensation

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Pratico Kitchen 18oz Leak-Proof Glass Bottles, 2-Pack

I was recently sent these 18 oz glass bottles to review by Pratico Kitchen.  I wanted to try these because they reminded me of the old fashioned glass milk bottles from back in day when the milk man use to deliver milk to door, well before my time. These are  just a little more modern and a lot more sleek and stylish. For a peace of mind and leak proof glass bottles, if you are are looking for a nice bottle that is of a good quality 

aMAZEd Money Maze:Fun Surprise Gift For Ages 6 & Up

We were recently sent aGreatLife aMAZEd Money Maze to review and enjoy.The Money Maze puzzle is so fun and such a unique gift. It is a perfect gift to give to someone that has everything or for someone that loves to have fun. You add money to the box and have the person solve the maze in order to release the surprise cash inside. How fun is that?

Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light / Flashlight (2 Pack)

I was recently sent the Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light Flashlight to review. This light is very bright. I like that is small and compact enough that I can toss in bag, but the light still give off a very bright light to see a great distance. This is ideal for me leaving my garage. I always get nervous so I can have this hooked on my bag to see around the yard.

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Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Hanger Clips Hooks 10 Boot Organizer

Recently I was sent the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Hanger Clips Hooks 10 Boot Organizer to review. These are very nice and sturdy.  The hooks have several uses . They can be used in your closet, in the bathroom, in an entryway, in the kitchen, or to hang clothes out to dry.