Skydeck Chicago

Skydeck Chicago | Your Guide to Amazing Views, The Glass Ledge & Fun

Skydeck Chicago is the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. It gives these amazing views spanning up to four states. You can’t believe the view until you are up there. I have never been until this past Sunday. I have a tiny fear of heights, but this is a Chicago experience  that everyone must try at

Beauty and the Beast | Taking Your Kids and Why You Should Go

Beauty and the Beast has always been one of those Disney movies that I would watch sometimes when it came on. I must admit, it was never on repeat for me. I know I am probably weird. Well. when I was given the chance to view it before its release and I asked my daughter did she

Nintendo Switch | Preview Event, Release Date and So Much Family Fun!

Nintendo Switch is set to launch March 3, 2017. My family and I were invited to preview the system this past Saturday in Chicago before it launches and we had an absolute blast. If you follow me on Facebook, you were there for a live sneak peek inside all the action. I love bringing my

black history

Black History Month | Stream 28 Movies & Series On Amazon/Netflix

Black History Month began February 1st. In our household black history is celebrated and discussed every day. We make it a point to talk about our history with our daughter quite often, because if we don’t who will. The schools are eliminating so much of the history of our culture and past, that we do not

The 5 Best Tips While Traveling With Kids For An Extended Weekend

Traveling with kids can be fun yet challenging. For traveling this upcoming 3 day weekend,  here is a list of apps and accessories that are helpful for parents and entertaining for kids. Whether flying long distance or traveling to grandma’s house, be sure to download and pack the items below: Roadtrip Bingo iOS + Android

Amazon Movie Rental for .99 cents Now Through 1/23

It is very cold here in Chicago and most parts of the Midwest. I am staying indoors this weekend and watching movies with the kids. You can rent an Amazon movie with the kids and enjoy some hot chocolate and blanket. Amazon Streaming Video has a promo going on that lets you Rent any movie

#ChiTag: Come Play at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair Giveaway/Discount

#ChiTag Week is a Toy & Game Fair for all ages. Do you want a chance to spend a fun exciting day at Chicago’s beautiful Navy Pier playing with some of the coolest toys? Come join me for a wonderful-inspiring weekend at the 14th annual Fair brought to you as part of the Chicago Toy & Game

Pumpkins, Donuts and Fall Fun at Konow’s Corn Maze in Homer Glen, IL

Konow’s Corn Maze is a family friendly pumpkin farm and corn maze located in Homer Glen, IL. The weekend was great. I was excited about the farm all week, probably more than my daughter and son. I just love the colors of fall, and it was a little chilly that day so I dressed them in