One-Pot Meal for the Working Mom: Quick One and Done Recipes

One-Pot Meal

One-pot meal can make any working mom’s life easier. Over the weekend I tried one of these delicious one-pot meal. I am currently on vacation for the holidays and I am actually not feeling my best so this was the best time to try a recipe. I was contacted by the company to give my readers the chance to have these beautiful recipes at their fingertips. I first had to try them before I shared them. The opinions in this post are strictly my own, I was not compensated in any monetary way. I can say the meals I were fast and the clean of is breeze.

Why Use A One-Pot Meal

I believe in feeding my family delicious


A Busy Mom’s Survival Guide: Top 5 After School Snacks

snacksCar Snacks For After-school Survival

Snacks when my daughter was younger was a huge part of keeping  her healthy and happy, and still are. When I would arrive at school to pick to her up around 5:30 p.m. and sometimes even 6:00 p.m.depending on how horrible the traffic although she attended an after-school program that provided a fairly decent snack, she would constantly always ask, “mommy do you have anything to eat?’ the moment we finished hugging.