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I have to make room in our new house and closets and I have been procrastinating. Since I discovered the website Thred Up I am more motivated to clear things out. This company is awesome. If you don’t know what the company is or how it works, let me explain. is a place where you can buy and sell quality gently used and new clothing. The clothes are designer labels and in the best quality possible. I love the site for earning money. You can earn money by selling your old clothing.

It is very simple, first, you order a large polka dot bag (which can hold up to 100 items). Then, you fill the bag with your items and return it to the company. The bag comes labeled and shipping is prepaid. You just drop the package at your local post office or FedEx. The company reviews your items and determines what they will pay you for and donates any unacceptable garments to charity. It is that is easy.

Over the past year, I have been sending my polka dot bag filled with clothes for sale. The turn around time was amazing, within a couple of weeks it showed payment in my account. Before we moved into our house spent time purging and it felt so good.  There were items with tags on them that I had no intention of wearing. Below is an image of the filled bag. You can stuff quite a bit of things in there.

thred up

If you are fall cleaning or need to make room for a new wardrobe, I suggest you give a try. You won’t be disappointed. Before you send off your bag, you will have the opportunity to see the potential cash value of the item you are sending in for review. I keep my laptop by me as I go through the closet and decide if it is worth sending in. They accept numerous brands, but the quality must be good. If you have a chance please check them out.

fall bootsThe other cool thing is that you can shop online for gently new and used designer clothes, shoes and handbags. I purchased all of my maternity from them at a very low cost. The selection of kids clothes is endless. I also have a pair of Fall ankle boots I purchased from there for around $13.

Now through October 31st get 40% off your first order at
thredUP with Promo Code OCT40

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