One-Pot Meal for the Working Mom: Quick One and Done Recipes

One-pot meal can make any working mom’s life easier. Over the weekend I tried one of these delicious one-pot meals. I am currently on vacation for the holidays and I am actually not feeling my best so this was the best time to try a recipe. I was contacted by the company to give my readers the chance to have these beautiful recipes at their fingertips. I first had to try them before I shared them. The opinions in this post are strictly my own, I was not compensated in any monetary way. I can say the meals were fast and the clean-up of is a breeze.

Why Use A One-Pot Meal

I believe in feeding my family delicious home cooks meals as often as I can. We try to reduce fast food and processed meals as often as possible. Since I have health issues, I try to watch my diet as much as I can. I am a working mother, with a tween daughter on the basketball team and some nights can get hectic. A one-pot meal can help make life a little easier.

Some days, dinner time is a breeze: There are no activities, no over-scheduling, no homework, no to-dos. But those days seem few and far between—and still your family needs to be fed a healthy meal that doesn’t cost you hours in prep, cooking, and cleanup. The solution? One-pot meals.

One-pot meals equal less of your time in the kitchen. They are stress free—both on the front end and the back end. They allow you to achieve a sense of balance in your meals—the right proportion of grains, protein, vegetables, and fruits. And even better: You can make lots of extra, freeze it, and have an even easier meal weeks from now.

Even better: One-pot meals adapt themselves to a variety of cuisines. You can make pasta, rice dishes, curries, beans, and more. In just a few simple recipes and with a few instructions, the one pot meal help you get more meals on the table—faster, more balanced, and hassle-free.

One-Pot Meal

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8 Thoughts to “One-Pot Meal for the Working Mom: Quick One and Done Recipes”

  1. This is awesome… A must for a busy professional, mom, or someone that just doesn’t want to spend forever in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing…

    1. Thank you for stopping by. The recipes are so easy.

  2. Pam

    I’m soo bookmarking this, and BTW I love the graphics 😀

    1. Thank you. I hope the dishes are yummy for you!

  3. One pot meals are serious a life saver on weeknights!

  4. Love this! We could all use a good one-pot meal on those busy, crazy days! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I’ve just started experimenting with one pot meals, so your title caught my attention. The info graph is spot on and super useful. Thanks for sharing!

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