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Finding Balance in 2016- “Happy New Year Everyone!”


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My Word of the Year is “Balance”

Balance- I waited a few days to wish you all a Happy New Year! I’ve toyed around with exactly what I wanted to say. My holiday vacation was beautiful. I spent time with my in-laws for Christmas and two weeks at home with my kids and husband, mostly just organizing and enjoying our new home.  2015 came to a close and as each year does, I was left wanting more. I made a few big leaps this year.

  • Started a new job (in a new field)
  • Became a homeowner
  • Became a Mrs.
  • Received my certification in the field of public health
  • Started freelance writing (getting paid)
  • Started my own business

With all that being said, I don’t know how to top 2015. What I do know is that with all those wonderful accomplishments, I was left feeling like I need to find balance. So much happened in such a short period of time I never caught my breathe. At the end of 2014 I became a new mom after eleven years. We’d planned for the baby shortly after getting engaged and immediately after our son’s birth  I started planning the wedding. Everything just took off from there and never slowed down. In a blink of an eye we were moving into a new home and the end of the year approached so fast I never looked back. (Obviously, it didn’t happen exactly like that, but you get my point). I never slowed down.


After a while I took inventory on how I’ve been feeling. Accomplished is a feeling that comes to minds, but also overwhelmed. So I decided in 2016 I’m not making a New Year’s Resolution, instead I’m focusing on on reevaluating myself.  I’ve been so busy taking care of everything and everyone around me I’ve lost focus on taking care of myself. I decided in 2016 that my goal would be to find and define balance in my life.  Finding balance not only will be challenging for a busy body like me, it will be a mental exercise that I have practice.  I want to be the best wife, mother, and business woman that this life has to offer me and I can not do that if my mental alignment is off.

How I plan to use to keep myself focused:

  1. Staying true to my emotions :I will be in the present of my emotions and not get caught in the past of how something effects me) For example, if I am unhappy about losing a client I will only be unhappy about losing that client at that moment and not focus on other clients I’ve lost in the past.
  2. Respond, instead of react: Sometimes I can blow a lid before thinking things through, now if I pace myself I’m more likely to handle situations respectively
  3. Movement: I used to dance around freely with my daughter. Movement releases stress. Also taking long walks was my favorite thing to do. My husband would tease me by saying I was one of the only people that actually loved long walks (LOL). I have to get back to that.
  4. Glass of Red Wine: This is a bonus, but I would have a glass of red wine every Friday night and it was such a special treat after a long week.
  5. Stress about a mess free house: I have a toddler and my house looks like a daycare sometimes. I have come to grips with that is just how it has to be on some days.
  6. Mindless T.V.: Just as the fellas need their videos games, I need my mindless television. It can be a pointless love story, reality t.v., or a cooking show, the truth is I need it.

I know these things seem simple, but finding balance in a marriage and in motherhood can be difficult and many times we won’t admit it.  Looking after our emotional wellness helps us get the most out of our personal life. When we are emotionally balanced, we are happy, healthy and thriving. We are able to be more productive, more loving, more supportive, and more nurturing. My family is my everything. Do not let anyone tell you that because you are a mother or wife that your needs or wants are secondary. Happy New Year, Happy New You!

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Janelle Robinson

Janelle Robinson is from Chicago a proud wife and mother of 2 (teen and preschooler). She is health educator and writer with a focus on providing families with resources and tips throughout all stages of parenthood.

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