Little Carter’s Stylish Outfit of the Day

Baby Boy Clothes Are Stylish and Fun Too

Attention..attention..attention, stylish baby boy fashion in the building. One of the biggest complaints I hear from mom’s when they are pregnant or shopping for boys is “girl’s clothes are so much cuter”.

To some degree that is true, but only because we are looking at it from a woman’s perspective. We see the cute skirts, dresses, bows and bright colors and can’t help but imagine how adorable a mini version of “us” would look.

Little boy’s clothing can be just as much fun once we find it. Which brings me to the other issue-Another complaint is how limited the selection of clothing is for boys vs girls. This is absolutely true. The department for baby boy’s is about half the size and the accessories are non-existent. With boys you do have to get a little more creative and not be afraid to step out and play with patterns.


I couldn’t wait for my little guy to be out of the onesie stage so I could start dressing him in little vest and sweater for the fall/winter and khaki shorts with polo shirts for the summer.  I see a kangol hat in his future and trust me a bow tie is just around the corner. Kids fashion, including boys specifically during the early years should be all about fun with colors and patterns.

I’ve decided (little boy willing) that each week I’ll feature an outfit of the day. I’d love to see what your handsome little guys are wearing.  So please feel free to comment and share links below of your little ones (girls and boys) dressed in the best. Follow me on Instagram @abreak4mommy, Little Carter is always making an appearance.

Today’s outfit is from the Children’s Place and shoes are from Payless.

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