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“I Have Butterflies In My Tummy” Preschooler/ Toddler Video

Do you have a little one that gets nervous or is about to experience a first time without you? The first day of preschool or kindergarten can be scary for a child. Training Wheels Needed has the most adorable video about getting over your fears. Charlie’s first day of school is coming up, and he is nervous about what is going to happen. He tells his mom right before bed that he has butterflies in his tummy and so begins his adventure.

.Little Carter and I watched this adorable video and smiled through the entire time. It’s a 10 minute video for ages preschoolers and up loaded with music and a sweet story with bright colors! It is an encouraging video for kids who are a little nervous to start school on their first day. My son hasn’t started preschool yet, but I thought the video was very cute and he danced along to the songs and listen to the storytelling. I found this video to be a great resource for any parent that needs to help their child through a rough spot or just wants to watch a fun video. While my son is yet to start formal education, that hasn’t stopped me looking ahead at schools like Ravenscroft that I’m considering to apply for when we get to that stage.

The video starts with a little boy and his mother as animated characters and when he falls asleep he begins his first day of school. I won’t give you all the details Take a look at a preview here:

I truly enjoyed this video. If you are interested in downloaded the video you can purchase a copy here

*This product was sent to me at no cost for my honest review and opinion.


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Janelle Robinson is from Chicago a proud wife and mother of 2 (teen and preschooler). She is health educator and writer with a focus on providing families with resources and tips throughout all stages of parenthood.

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