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Save Money During the Holidays With These 3 Tips

Save money during the holidays by following these  3 easy tips.

It can be easy to spend more then you intended during the holidays. During the holidays I like to follow a few rules so in January I am not surprised. Tis’ the season for our family to save even more. We have been in our new home for over a year now. With home-ownership comes new purchases, with that been said I will be keeping a watchful eye on Christmas spending and not getting caught up in the sales.

Tip#1 to Save

saveCreate a budget.  I shared with my readers in a previous post the importance of budgeting. During holidays a budget is even more important. Before you hit the mall, start shopping for the kids, or organizing the big holiday dinner, it is helpful to have a comprehensive plan in place so you know exactly where your money is going this holiday season. I have two children a teen girl and a toddler boy. My husband and I decided a couple of months ago what would be important to purchase for each of them and determined a budget for gifts. When November and December comes it is all about deal shopping for me.

Tip #2

A big way that I save on my holiday dinner is by using coupons . You don’t have to get the Sunday newspaper anymore you can get printable coupons right to your desktop or phone. Don’t be afraid to use I’ve saved over $300 in coupons this year alone and that is without even trying. Sales are a great opportunity to save, but they don’t matter if you don’t have money in your budget.

Tip #3

Save money by only purchasing  items with cash. If I can not afford to pay for it now, chances are I can’t afford to pay for it later. My tip for the New Year is to only purchase items with cash or your debit card (same concept). You do not want to enter another year with new debt. Of course, you never save money if you are overspending.  Make wise decision when are purchasing, you don’t want your holiday season to end with regrets.


Another excellent budgeting tip is to save a little money to shopping a couple days after Christmas, the stores always after excellent after Christmas sales. Happy holidays!

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