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It’s Almost Christmas and I’m Sick…Again

It’s four days before Christmas and I am sick. I’m talking coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, runny eyes, stiff body and I still have to go to work kind of sick. I’m starting to accept the fact that I am chronically ill, literally and I need to do a better job at protecting my immune health.

This is my second cold in less than a month. I need to stock up on some vitamin C, black seed oil and I need to start back drinking my Turmeric Tea. I am not sure why I stopped drinking it. Anyway, today is the first day of Winter (December 21st) and I have been miserable. I have to do something fast because whenever I get sick, baby get sicks and that is not cool.

sick for christmas

I am the hostess for  Christmas dinner and all I can think about is that I cannot possibly be sick again. You see I was sick for Thanksgiving, and not only was I sick, but the kids were sick too.

This time around it is just Carter and I. We both have colds. I really hate when the baby gets sick. When he is sick I feel more miserable just watching him suffering from his little runny nose and cough. I am fighting this bug with soups, tea, and Theraflu, but it has me down and the boy keeps vomiting mucus all over me and won’t either of us can sleep at night.

I managed this morning to sneak in a little grocery shopping  before work but I still have a ton of things to do. Cleaning, more shopping, gift wrapping, mailing Christmas cards etc. my list seems endless. Last night I decorated our front porch. But I really want to bake cookies for husband’s co-workers, unfortunately at this rate I think I will have save that for after Christmas. Maybe I can send Holiday muffins after Christmas since his shift starts early in the morning and they will be working for a few days after Christmas. 

I was looking forward to Christmas this year mainly because of the kids ages. Carter is 2 and Jasmine is 13.  He is at the age where he will probably know something exciting is going on and Jasmine is at the age where she has done her own shopping for other people and she is super excited to give gifts. I have been doing everything to make myself feel better.

But who am I kidding I am always looking for to Christmas because I absolutely love Christmas and I am just disappointed I am so under the weather. I really hope I get better soon.

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