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Perfect Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe
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Perfect Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe

Weekends are our time to indulge, kick back and relax. I love coming up with creative recipes especially ones that are quick and easy. This simple cheesy zesty garlic bread recipe is one that is sure to please everyone.

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GlassesShop Keeps Your Eyewear Fashionable, Stylish and Affordable

GlassesShop offers various affordable and fashionable frames. Eyeglasses are a necessary accessory for my wardrobe, unfortunately, I cannot see without them. Around five years ago I lost partial vision in my right eye due to optic neuritis caused by a terrible relapse from an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) flare up. From then on I have relied on eyeglasses. Wearing …

How to Make Kid Friendly Wardrobe Hooks Using Toys
Crafts DIY DIY

How to Make Kid Friendly Wardrobe Hooks Using Toys

Are you looking for a creative project to do with the kids and clean the mess that haunts their bedroom floor? Every parent has walked into their child’s room only to find piles of clothes and toys all over the floor. The makers of Surge glue want to help inspire your kids to take more control …


Sole Patches: Wear Your Cute Shoes Again Without Pain

I wore high heel shoes everywhere I went before I started to suffer from chronic fatigue. In college I could shop all day in a pair of jeans and pumps. I don’t enjoy wearing heels anymore because my back is always hurting or my feet are always tired. My wonderful hubby has purchased me flats to help …