AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management Coupon & Giveaway

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AZO Bladder Control

AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management Coupon 

After childbirth as a woman, our body goes through so many changes and unfortunately bladder issues can be one of them.  Did you know that one in three of women suffer from bladder urgency issues. Pregnancy can take a toll on our bodies and so can many other issues. We want to be sure that we are living healthy and maintaining our bodies to the best of our abilities.

Luckily, one way to help curb these symptoms is proper weight management. Makes sense, right? Less weight pressing on your bladder equals fewer “I’ve Gotta Go” moments! 

Fortunately there is New AZO Bladder Control& Weight Management a safe, drug-free product,  specifically formulated to promote healthy weight control in order to ease weight on the bladder and help maintain bladder strength and control.

Be on the look out for a $5 off AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management, formula coupon in newspapers Sunday, June 4, 2017 

Summer is only a few weeks a way and we all want to look and feel our best. There is not more uncomfortable than being out with the family and feeling that urgency to go. Well, to help you jumpstart your summer workout plans and help you reach your goals, AZO would like to treat you to a new summer wardrobe and healthier body.

AZO Bladder Control & Weight Management Giveaway 

No matter what could be causing your bladder issue, that good new is that there is not only a gentle product made specifically women, but AZO has gone a step forward and teamed up with Target to help you get summer ready.

Enter to win $100 Target gift card and  1 box of AZO Bladder Control® & Weight Management

You can enter 3 ways. Good Luck! Giveaway closes June 9 the winner will be contact via email.

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  1. Rosie


    My plans are day trips, especially out into the country not knowing for sure the destination, with a picnic lunch. We find farms that sell honey, produce, flowers!

    • Reply

      Yes I love finding the local farm stands. Since we are in Chicago, we have to venture out or get up very early and find areas that set-up local stands with fresh produce and flowers. I love summer time. We have the strawberry fest going on now. I want to make it out to that.

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