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Dear God | A Healing Prayer Through Pain and Difficult Times

Sometimes it takes a little voice to remind you things will work out.

Finding yourself through pain can be difficult. Life tends to grab us by the collar when we least expect it. When we are hurt we internalize the pain and sometimes view the situation as a reflection of who we are. However in reality, circumstances are at times out of out control and although you may do everything right, things may still end undesirably.

October was a tough month for me, probably one of the most difficult times I have experienced. Without going into details, it seemed like there was one mishap after another from the first week of the month to the last.

Usually during difficult times I am the person ensuring everything and everyone is okay. I hold back my emotions until the dust has settled. This time was different. I was a complete mess.

I felt like crumbling at any given moment and the air around me felt dense, I literally felt like I was suffocating. Click To Tweet

In a time of hurt and despair it is easy to absorb your emotions and believe in a way you deserve to hurt. For the first time in my life, I knew I didn’t deserve to hurt, but allowed myself to feel every bit of pain. This time was different, I realized I was no superwoman and I needed a healing prayer. My husband was who I needed the most. 

How I Coped and My Healing Prayer

The first thing I did was allowed myself to vulnerable and from there the healing began. 

  • I allowed myself to cry
  • I allowed myself to feel sad
  • I allowed myself to be alone
  • I allowed myself to be surrounded with love
  • I mentally blocked out negative thoughts
  • Most importantly I took time to get to know me 

This process helped me come to terms with things and find acceptance. I know now that in order for me to  properly heal from anything that is causing me emotional hurt, I must first grieve. 

Read my open prayer to God. If you are going through something no matter how big or small, allow yourself to emotionally heal, the world will not stop if you do! Click To Tweet

Just remember it is okay to NOT be okay, but remember things will get easier and better as you live through your moments.

Dear God,

By Janelle Robinson

I come to you with my heart in your hand and I am not calling you to ask why anymore
I am calling you because I know you are the one I can count on to always pick up when I ring.
You’ll listen to me without that judgmental look
You’ll allow me to cry as many times as I need to without thinking I am too sensitive.
I remember we talked a few days ago and I swore I was doing just fine, but I’m back
I don’t mean to bug you, although I know you won’t mind
Truth is, it hurts
Truth is, I can’t do it alone
Truth is I need…
Well God I really need…I need YOU
I need you Lord to guide me and hear my calls
It’s amazing how wonderful I feel after we talk
We can chat for hours and I am never at a loss for words
I know, I know…I talk too much
But you’re just such a good listener and I know you hear me
Well, God I have to go now
Duty calls, I have to give someone else your number, I hope you don’t mind
If they don’t call you today, just wait for their call
They will definitely call you after I tell them what you told me
God I love you and our conversations…Talk with you soon.

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Janelle Robinson is from Chicago a proud wife and mother of 2 (teen and preschooler). She is health educator and writer with a focus on providing families with resources and tips throughout all stages of parenthood.

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