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Amazon Subscribe and Save 

With Subscribe & Save, you receive a discount off the Amazon and Amazon Marketplace  price, free standard shipping, and  automatic deliveries when you receive your subscriptions on your monthly Subscribe & Save delivery day. You There are no commitments, obligations, or fees and you can cancel a subscription at any time. Click here to

To find eligible products, browse our Subscribe & Save Store or search for Subscribe & Save followed by the product you’re interested in. It is very simple. You pay for your order when it ships. For example my delivery date is the 9th of each month and my closing date to change/cancel my order is the 30th of each month. What this means is that I can shop the entire month by adding things to my subscription and not pay until the end of the month. My items generally ship a few days sooner so I am usually billed around the 3rd of the month.  This helps me keep stock of supplies such as toilet paper, cleaners, baby wipes, diapers, body wash, etc. My family is never low on anything because I am buying things at the lowest cost throughout the month. The best part is you never have leave your home and battle with traffic or grocery stores.

The current discount for each item is posted on the product detail page when you sign up. Amazon reserves the right to change the discount amount at any time. If an item has already shipped before the discount changes, you will receive the old discount on that order. The new discount will apply to future orders.

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