Bright Horizons | Find Early Childhood Education That Fits Your Family

Bright Horizons

  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook,  you know that I have been part-time homeschooling my three-year-old as we prepare him to start preschool. These last few months for me have been hectic. As I prepare him to start preschool, I am also in the process of helping my daughter test and apply for high-school. Between looking at schools for her and interviewing child care centers for him, I am overwhelmed and honestly a bit worn out.  One resource I am searching is Bright Horizons.   Bright Horizons is a leading provider of…

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Homeschooling Gift Ideas for Moms

Homeschooling Gift

This year has brought on the joys of homeschooling my son. I have been spending evenings and weekends with him to help prepare him for preschool. Perhaps you have a homeschooling parent on your list. These homeschooling gift ideas are sure to help you find something they may be wishing for. I’ve picked out the best items I think a homeschooling parent would want as a gift. These products are excellent to help build a homeschooling area no matter what size space you have. Homeschooling parents order many items online,…

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Educational Gift Guide | Learn Through Play with These Fun Toys

gift guide

Educational toys are a great way to inspire learning through play. With my oldest, I purchased her learning toys from the time she was a small toddler. We used flash cards, toys, creative arts, and so many other fun activities. I believe her exposure to education early is the reason she developed a passion for reading and a love for school today! Learning through play helps children develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. Role-play and pretend play involves creativity, children use their Imagination…

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Kmart and Nickelodeon Beyond the Backpack | 5 Tips to Prepare For School

Kmart and Nickelodeon hosted a special event this past weekend here in Chicago, Beyond the Backpack. If you were not able to make it out if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram  you probably caught a live glimpse of the event. If not, I really hope you go back and watch the recorded clips because it was awesome. *This is a sponsored post,  all opinions are my own To prepare parent and kids for the upcoming school year, this amazing event highlighted back-to-school readiness programs and resources available through Nick…

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Best Books for Toddlers | Building a Library for Early Readers

Best Books for Toddlers

Finding the best books for your toddler can be a little tricky simply because at such a young age you are not sure what your toddler will like. Reading to your baby during pregnancy is one of the best bonding activities a mother can do with her child. As your children get older you understand the importance of reading to them every day, but how do you know what books to read? No worries, finding on the best books for toddlers on the market is easy.  First understand that it is never too early…

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Dare to #ShareYourWords for Early Learning:

I joined the #ShareYourWords campaign for early learning with #theOunce. The Ounce is a Chicago-based non-profit dedicated to early childhood education. Each time you talk to your child, read them a book, or sing a song you provide them an opportunity  for their brains to develop. Check out our video and find out our favorite word and why it is important to our family. Birth thru age 5 is the most important developmental stage for children. During this timeframe is when little minds absorb their surrounds and their minds begin…

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