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Money Smart Week in Chicago | Money Smart Reads at Your Local Library

Money Smart Week begins April 22-29 and COUNTRY Financial and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago are sponsoring several activities throughout Chicagoland. Started in 2002 with only 40 programs, Money Smart Week is the most informative financial education program in the country. It was initial established to help Chicago families and residents to better understand their finances. Currently


Build Your Savings By Earning Extra Money Online

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A seperate savings  is essential but can sometimes seem impossible when you are trying to maintain your household. Extra money is a blessing and most times is not easy to come by, specifically in a time when the economy is struggling. If you are looking to increase your earning potential or simply add a few extra dollars to your pocket for a vacation, the holidays, the kids birthdays, etc. I have a few tips. You should already be saving money from your paycheck on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. These additional savings I will share, will give you the extra money you need for fun.


It is important to find a place to store your savings. Before you start saving, one thing I suggest you do is open a PayPal account. Many online companies will want to pay you via check or PayPal. I personally find it the easiest and most secure way to receive my payment. I have been with PayPal since 2008 and have not had any issues. You can transfer your payments to your bank account. I store money in my PayPal account separate from my banking account as a way to stash money. This makes it easy for me to not become tempted to use the money for other things.It is a great way to save money for Christmas shopping, vacations, or just savings. Once after you have decided how you would like to receive your payment it is time to start earning.


Financial Literacy: Control Your Finances With These Tips

Financial literacy is as important as learning how to read and write. Being financially literate can be one of the  most powerful tools a person can possess. On Saturday December 5th I attended the #PUSHMoneyMatters Empowerment Series hosted by Rainbow PUSH Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund sponsored by Chevrolet; a free event to teach residents

On A Road to Financial Freedom: #FINDNewRoads

I account for every dime I Spend

Financial power or shall I say freedom, is something I yearn for. To be debt free would bring me such peace of mind. I remember sitting in my undergraduate elective class “Personal Financial Decision Making” my senior year in college. The course was an all day, one week long class for credit held over during the holiday break.  Its core focus was to teach us how to take control of our financial future. My finances at that time were in shambles. I’d done what most college students, I’d gotten credit cards from the different companies that hover over campuses like vultures waiting for the next broke student to apply and take their free t-shirt. This class was about to teach me something I’d cherish for a lifetime.