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Beautiful Pink Roses

Are you Ambitious? | 10 Tips For Staying Positive and Motivated

Prioritize Yourself and Stay Motivated! Perhaps my ambitions and aspirations have grasped tightly around my waist hindering and rescuing me from falling victim to the many disappointments and hardships I have faced throughout my life. Maybe my ability to continue in the race of life until my obstacle course is complete has kept me determined

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Life is filled with joy and happiness, find a reason to laugh each day before the sun sets Click To Tweet

The reason I write and share my thoughts has always been to inspire and help others. As I embark on 2018 there are areas in my life that I want to share that I think will positively affect others. When I get the motivation and desire to do something I don’t stop and I never hold back. My goals are always simple, but never easy.

I have spent the last few years working hard. One thing that I do is look back on things that may have caused me pain, failure or a standstill. My personal journey to better health, happiness, and growth is one that is consistently filled with struggles, but overcast by a beautiful rainbow, the winds and rains are forever changing in my world.

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how to schedule pumping breast milk

How to Schedule Pumping Breast Milk | Storing Breast Milk & Returning to Work

Breastfeeding is one of the greatest experiences for me during early motherhood. I breastfed my eldest until she was almost 18 months and my little one year old until he was 8 months. Breast milk has been such a wonderful source of nutrients and healing for my babies. My experience breastfeeding my son was a

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Black History Month Movies to Stream on Amazon

Black History Month | Stream 28 Movies & Series On Amazon/Netflix

Black History Month began February 1st. In our household black history is celebrated and discussed every day. We make it a point to talk about our history with our daughter quite often, because if we don’t who will. The schools are eliminating so much of the history of our culture and past, that we do not

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