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Code Like A Girl: Careers In Technology, Sticker Fun & So Much More!

My daughter is a Girl Who Codes.  For my readers that are not familiar,  Girls Who Code is a National non-for profit organization that inspires and teaches girls coding skills to equip them for careers in computer technology fields. It breaks down barriers that exist as our female student reaches middle school. Did you know that …

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Education Parenting Positive Thinking Self Help Toddlers & Teens

Prepping Your Teenager for the SATs With Tips From Axiom Learning

Sponsored Post High school also brings with it many adjustments for students, but if you’re a parent of a highschooler, you have a lot to think about as well.  There’s dating, driving, and the ever present curfew battle. The biggest concern for many parents when it comes to their high school students is the SATs.  …

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