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The reason I write and share my thoughts has always been to inspire and help others. As I embark on 2018 there are areas in my life that I want to share that I think will positively affect others. When I get the motivation and desire to do something I don’t stop and I never hold back. My goals are always simple, but never easy.

I have spent the last few years working hard. One thing that I do is look back on things that may have caused me pain, failure or a standstill. My personal journey to better health, happiness, and growth is one that is consistently filled with struggles, but overcast by a beautiful rainbow, the winds and rains are forever changing in my world.

On the front page of this new journey is my health. Living with Multiple Sclerosis, while I don’t let it dampen my dreams, it impacts my daily life. There are so many things that are out of my control. No matter how I am feeling I remember tomorrow is only a few hours away and another chance to feel better.

I train my brain to think positive, live positive and I feel positive.  Remember that no matter how you feel, if you’re not having a good day take a break and remind yourself that our lives are designed perfectly for us and no matter how hard it may seem, there is always a better way.

If you are reading this page and wish for motivation, inspiration, or accountability, please join me on this journey as I embrace:

I’m changing my style, my direction and my focus. You can always decide that life can be better than what you set out for it to be. I’m starting small and the steps will not be easy, but the reward at the end will be sweet. Are you willing to take the walk with me?


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