Weekend Grocery Shopping For Busy Moms

Weekend grocery shopping is something I hate doing and if you are anything like me you are too busy during the week to grocery shop or even pick up small items you may have missed. The thought of entering a grocery store during the week makes my head pound and my palms sweat. I remember being single and stopping by the grocery store on a Thursday night after class to grab a bottle of sparkling white Zinfandel, a steak and some random vegetables. The process took me about 10 minutes…

Organic Aromas Diffuser Review | Essential Oils for Sinus Pain & Headaches

Organic Aromas Diffuser

Organic Aromas Diffuser Review During the Fall and Winter, I experienced what felt like the flu back to back for five months straight. I was literally getting sick every month and it was lasting 3 weeks at a time with about a 5-day window of me feeling okay. I felt miserable. I finally saw my doctor in March and what I thought was the flu or cold was actually a recurring sinus infection. The diagnosis didn’t make my suffering any easier, but at least I had a reason for my…

Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies From Cake Mix Easy and Fun For Kids

Quick Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cake Mix

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorites. These cookies are so simple and easy to make. Of course, I know how to bake cookies from scratch using, sugar, flour, and all that jazz. But this recipe is all about spending time with the kids and finding a fast delicious alternative to making completely homemade cookies. Try making quick chocolate chip cookies from cake mix. It gives little kids a chance to learn about baking and busy moms a chance to slow down and enjoy the goodness of warm baked cookies. I searched the…

FamFave Digital Thermometer: Must Have For Care Kits


As a parent there have been times when I am so annoyed and frustrated when trying to take my baby’s temperature when he is sick. Recently I was given the opportunity to review the FamFave advanced digital thermometer for babies, children and adults.

Finding Balance in 2016- “Happy New Year Everyone!”

Orchids love rainwater via Foter.com / CC BY My Word of the Year is “Balance” Balance- I waited a few days to wish you all a Happy New Year! I’ve toyed around with exactly what I wanted to say. My holiday vacation was beautiful. I spent time with my in-laws for Christmas and two weeks at home with my kids and husband, mostly just organizing and enjoying our new home.  2015 came to a close and as each year does, I was left wanting more. I made a few big…

Honest Company: Diapers & Conditioner Mom’s Must Haves

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. The Honest Company recently sent me products to try and review. If you don’t know who the Honest Company is, let me give you a little background. The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, who as  parents wanted to find products that weren’t filled with harsh chemicals and harmful toxins.  They both wanted a product that was effective,  safe, eco-friendly,  convenient, affordable and did I mention adorable.