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ER Factor (er)isinher, A New T-Shirt: Image is Everything

I try to bring my readers the best products and most unique finds around. Well, I visited the booth of TheER Factor (er) is in her earlier last week while at the APHA (American Public Health Association) Conference in Chicago. This company is great and the designer and owner was awesome to speak with. The philosophy behind her company is so inspiring and everything that women should strive to achieve at least from my perspective.

er isinher

The er is in her is simple, the (er) is in her the er means to find your (er) inside of you as a woman. (er) isinher is a unique concept that helps bring a personal message of empowerment to help women find their inner happiness.

Dear Janelle, A Letter to My Younger Self

letters-I’ve been married for four months now and during these short four months I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve also learned to tame some things about myself. I once was a very soft spoken person.  During my twenties I found myself in friendships that were one sided and a relationship that was meaningless. Through those experiences I found my voice. I learned to speak up where it was needed and I not to take crap from anyone.