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#NaBloPoMo: I’m No Mrs. Fix It or Mom the Builder

What was the last thing you fixed or built? Mrs. Fix it to the rescue! I think NOT. These #NaBloPoMo prompts are driving me insane. I thought that having a prompt would be make it easier to blog every day, but honestly it is only making me think. (Queues laugh). I mean seriously, the last …

Positive Thinking

NaBloPoMo: A Blog Post Everyday In November

NABLoPOMo: What am I thinking? Blogging Everyday?   I am giving my  hand at NaBloPoMo. I am never good at these challenges, simply because I have a small baby at home that never seems to let me finish any thing I start. if you aren’t familiar, NaBloPoMo  happens in November when bloggers from all around the world …


One Way To Keeps Kids Safe- We Don’t Do Sleepovers

read4thefunofit / / CC BY-NC-ND Sleepovers are nothing new. They’ve been around since before I was born. All kids want to go to them, because it’s supposed to be fun and exciting. I remember begging my mother to attend at least five different sleepovers and each time I was a met with a big fat …