Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light / Flashlight (2 Pack)

I was recently sent the Bright Outdoors LED Safety Light Flashlight to review. This light is very bright. I like that is small and compact enough that I can toss in bag, but the light still give off a very bright light to see a great distance. This is ideal for me leaving my garage. I always get nervous so I can have this hooked on my bag to see around the yard.

My Babies Are My Everything!


I have heard that you should never live solely for your children.  I think this statement is jaded by people that have never had children. The advice I’ve heard is to not let life pass you by while raising your children.  In my opinion, if you are “living” in each moment you won’t. I’m a Mama and have been since the moment I knew I was pregnant with my daughter. My friends at the time were not parents and many were finishing college and starting careers. I was doing the…