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Summer Learning: We Continue Schooling Throughout the Summer

summerlearningAlthough it has been HOT, today is officially the first day of Summer. I thought I ‘d share with you our summer learning plan. We live in Chicago and I love my city despite the negative attention that it receives on a regular. Each time you turn on the news there is something being reported. We are living in what seems to be a growing darkening city and state. Each day we have two small people that we are responsible for. We do our best to raise our children to be respectful, intelligent and kind individuals. My friend takes her children to the to further their learning and I’m considering doing that too. I find being able to help your children in areas of weakness when it comes to school is worthwhile. They are able to learn from their mistakes and progress. I was recommended to look into a program for example, that can offer electrical engineering homework help and even economics help for your children! There are a number of sites that give your children guidance when it comes to assignments. If this is something of interest, look into it. You may find it useful.

Regardless of the negative reports there is beauty all around us and this summer will not be any different. I will find pleasure in our parks, the lakefront, beaches, museums, and most importantly my family.

My Disappointment

The one thing that does continue to disappoints me to the core is the crumbling Chicago public school system. Our daughter attends one of the more privileged and top tiered public schools in our state according to test scores and public records. However, we found that even with those standards, it doesn’t measure up. We won’t be fooled by the reports or let the public school system fail our family.