Snap Kitchen Fresh, Healthy Grab & Go Meals
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Snap Kitchen | Fresh, Healthy Grab & Go Meals When Life Gets Busy

Snap Kitchen makes it extremely easy for busy people like myself to stick with my healthy eating and lifestyle goals. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have been working to change my eating habits. Working full-time, maintain a household and caring for two kids can sometimes steer you to make bad decisions even when you bad intentions. Snap Kitchen offers conveniently pre-packaged healthy, handmade meals for busy people. Snap Kitchen makes it extremely easy to eat healthy, delicious meals even when you have a busy schedule. You are able to go into a store and shop for your fresh meals and drinks just like a grocery storesnap kitchen

Snap Kitchen is located in Austin, TX, Houston, TX, Dallas/Forth, TX, Philadelphia, PA and in Chicago, IL I am so happy because not only does Chicago have 7 locations, but you can download the Snap Kitchen App from the App store delivery in the Chicago area for the location nearest you.

snap kitchen
Chicago West Loop Location

I literally downloaded the app as I was leaving work and located the store closest to me, which was the West Loop Location and I  got driving direction. It took me 10 minutes to get there. I could have ordered my food online and gotten free delivery, but I really wanted to check out the store. If you are familiar with Chicago, then you know parking can be as a hassle, but what is nice about this location is that there was a 15-minute loading area so you can park and run in and run out. Seriously this has got to be the most convenient trip I have ever taken to the West Loop in rush hour traffic.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted, the selection was big and I was very hungry. I had a light lunch and this was going to be dinner for myself and hubby. The girl at the store was very helpful I asked her if she had a favorite and she suggested the Hot Chicken and Mac and Cheese or the Bison and Quinoa Hash. I settled on the Bison and Quinoa Hash.

My checkout was simple and quick. I was only 7 minutes away from daughter’s school. We were home in no time.

snap kitchen

It took the meals 1:45 minutes to heat in the microwave. Have say it was absolutely delicious and my husband and I both appreciated having a night off from cooking.

snag kitchen

The food was fresh and delicious. If you are looking for fresh, healthy meals visit your local Snap Kitchen and pick up your first meal today!

What do you usually get when you are in a hurry but want to stay healthy?

Snap Kitchen Fresh, Healthy Grab & Go Meals

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Janelle Robinson is from Chicago a proud wife and mother of 2 (teen and preschooler). She is health educator and writer with a focus on providing families with resources and tips throughout all stages of parenthood.

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