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Bronzeville Children’s Museum An Experience For Every Child

Bronzville Children's Museum

The first and only African-American children’s museum creative for kids ages 3 to 9 years old, Bronzeville Children’s Museum on 9301 South Stony Island in Chicago, is a perfect place to bring young minds. Learn about the important contributions of influential African Americans and have a fun time.

Founded in 1983 the Bronzeville Children’s Museum is a unique experience for everyone. The museum is the first and only African-American children’s museum in the country. The Bronzeville Children’s Museum Was named after the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. Brownsville is known as the Black Metropolis of Chicago, was home to many prominent African-Americans, who operated thriving businesses and infused the neighborhood with the beauty of the African-Americans culture. While the museum may not sit in the historical Brownsville neighborhood, the sentiments of the name were to honor the history of African-American who came from the south and settled in the Bronzeville neighborhood.

What to Except at Bronzeville Children’s Museum

When visiting the museum you will experience a guide tour that shares educational messages with each exhibit and allows the children to do hands on activities.

We had a wonderful opportunity to visit the museum this past weekend. My son had an excellent time. As a family, my husband, myself and my daughter also had a great experience.

At the museum you have the opportunity to select from for one hour tours.

  • You are what you eat
  • African American inventors changing lives
  • Tour of Bronzeville landmarks
  • Journey to our S.T.E.M. (science technology engineering and math)

For our tour we did “You Are What You Eat”. The room was decorated with beautiful bright colors and fruit that were in the shape of people working out. They have this wonderful wall filled with all of the African Americans who have made the contribution to society. There was Barack Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Harold Washington just to name a few.

Before we started the lesson on proper eating and nutrition, we discussed the contributions made by African Americans. on the “Wall of Firsts Journey” The “You Are What You Eat” tour talked about nutritious foods and what you should eat to give your body the proper fuel.

The rest of the room was filled with kid-sized exercise equipment and Nintendo Wii gaming systems for the kids to play games. I really enjoyed watching my son play with the exercise tools.

The rest of the room was filled with kid-sized exercise equipment and Wii gaming systems for the kids to play games. I really enjoyed watching my son play with the exercise tools.

As you can see we had a good time making our family of apples. We learned about being my plate in the proper portions to eat. I think my kids had a really good time. I hope you can find a time to check out Bronzeville Children’s Museum.

Visit Bronzville Children’s Museum

At the time of this publication the cost of admission is $5 per person or $40 for annual family membership.

Please check their website for free dates and special events. We will be returning. Thank you Chicago for always having a great fun family friendly fine.

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